Why should you have fresh flowers in your home?

Most of us love the sight of fresh flowers in our home, whether they appear as a weekly bouquet, a once in a while treat, or reserved for special occasions.

It’s not hard to guess why, flowers are beautiful after all.

However, there may be more to it. Flowers have been shown to have extraordinary power over us mere humans, affecting our moods and improving our health and work performance.

I’ll be looking at various reasons over the next few weeks why everyone should introduce fresh flowers into their home…

Firstly – Boost your mood

Scientific research has shown that flowers can genuinely boost your mood, increasing happiness and decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety.Researchers have put this amazing side effect down to a culturally learned association of flowers as a symbol of positivity.

It’s no wonder when flowers are present at some of our happiest events like weddings, birthdays, and new births. Flowers can also trigger memories of these special events or of approaching spring and summer, a time when most of us are generally happier.

Think about how the sight of flowers makes you feel; we’re not scientists but we’re pretty sure they’ll make you feel more positive about the day!

Scientists also believe that happiness from the sight of flowers could be tied to an evolutionary trait, with flowers signalling to our ancestors that an area was fertile and food could be easily found or grown.

There’s also a strong scientific reason why we give flowers to people who are unwell, especially in hospital. Studies have shown that patients recovering from operations in a room with flowers reported lower rates of pain and less stress and fatigue than those in rooms without flowers.

Next week we’ll look at improving your worklife with flowers.