Why should you have fresh flowers in your home part 4

Being positive, improving your worklife, decorating your home all great reasons for having fresh flowers in your house but finally we talk about welcoming your guests and putting everyone in a great mood.

What better way to welcome guests to your home than with a fresh bouquet positioned in the hallway or living area (this will also have them remarking on the beauty of your home rather than noticing the mess you didn’t have time to get to).

Fresh flowers are the perfect table setting for a dinner party or special lunch, and show how much effort you put into planning the party you’ve thrown. Flowers can also be tied into your party theme to make the event even more spectacular, like pink to celebrate a baby shower for a new little girl, or roses to celebrate an important anniversary. There are so many options here, come in and talk to us for suggestions.

I’d love to know why you have fresh flowers in your home and how they make you feel, get in touch and let us know!