Why should you have fresh flowers in your home part 3

So, we’ve talked about the power of positivity and improving your worklife with flowers now lets just get right down to it with
Decorating your home.

Flowers are a quick way to decorate your home; pulling together your personal style and making your living space appear more polished.
Not only are flowers are a beautiful finishing touch to your interior design, they have the ability to change the feel of your home or of particular rooms.

Bright arrangements can lift the vibes of your living space, brightening homes with dark furniture or limited light. More understated bouquets can make a hectic home feel calmer, or an arrangement of one colour in varying shades can tie together your colour theme.

For example, finishing off a monochrome room with a fishbowl vase of all white blooms. If you need some help with this just ask next time you are in the shop and Im happy to help out.