I Entered National Business Awards


Mothers Day – what a huge event – beautiful weather, beautiful flowers, I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Thank you all so much – another sell out day.

hou & made it to Finalist in the New Business Section so I’m very pleased with that result.

I’m currently in the Leader Business Awards in the Florist category – please feel free to vote! Either online or I have nomination forms in the shop.


Dahlias have now finished;  lizzies are in their last throes; kale is back & looking great; freesias have started as well; & the deep blue delphinium is just gorgeous


Mothers day saw an influx of plants – kalanchoes, succulent gardens, African violets & cyclamens, cyclamens cyclamens. Pansies are available & good for some instant colour, herbs are a bit slow at the moment but I will keep getting whatever I can.

Don’t forget to keep watering your plants – indoor & outdoor, with this fab weather we are having the plants will be getting very thirsty.

The groovy wallets & purses are back out so come in & have a look. I’ll be ordering more shells soon so keep an eye out for the next shipment.

Bird baths, bird feeders, gardening & dancing ants have burst out all around the shop!

Sadly the vandalism upgraded to an attempted break in last week. New security & a new window all now installed so hopefully I wont have a repeat. Police & everyone have been great but they mention that there have been a number of break ins recently so we all need to be extra careful.


Thanks Liane